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Biominceur Active Gel



The ACTIVE GEL reduces the appearance of cellulite
dramatically, it acts on the skins’ firmness and induces fat burning, which directly targets those unsightly fatty deposits.

It has anti inflammatory properties and stimulates the lymphatic system, activates the elimination of fat and enhances weight loss.

Start by gently applying the ACTIVE GEL with both hands and massage with moderate pressure, pushing your fingers towards the thumbs.

Repeat the movement on all areas which require treatment.

INGREDIENTS: Algae Extracts, Caffeine, Glycerin , Sorbitol, Essential Oil of Cedarwood, Lavender Oil & Thermo Agents.

SIZE: 100ml

The Biominceur Trio is scientifically formulated to enhance and maintain the results after the Biominceur Spa Treatment. The Trio can be used on its own without having a spa treatment and will give great results, however the results are more dramatic when combined with the Spa treatment.

USAGE NOTICE: ALWAYS apply ULTRA EFFECT GEL on top of ACTIVE GEL and / or ACTIVE CREAM. Please note that the products contains high levels of active ingredients and that SMALL AMOUNTS of each product is sufficient. The gels and cream should be fully absorbed by the skin, and should not be lying on top of each other. No wrapping with plastic is required, and you can get dressed directly after application. Redness may appear after application and will decrease after 2 – 3 hours. The product can be rinsed off after 3 – 4 hours, should the skin feel sensitive.

HOW TO USE ON ITS OWN: If the Biominceur Trio kit is being used on its own, it is advisable to start using it every other night, and gradually switch to daily to achieve quicker results. It can be used prior to exercise to enhance the results. Always apply on a clean skin.

HOW TO USE ALONG WITH PROFESSIONAL BIOMINCEUR SALON TREATMENTS: For quicker and better results, the Biominceur Trio Kit can be used 2 – 3 times per week, in between your Biominceur Professional Salon Treatments. It is best to start with Biominceur Trio the evening following your Professional treatment. One weeks use of the Biominceur Trio Kit equals one Professional in spa Biominceur Treatment. Products should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Contact with the eyes should be avoided, and should the product get into the eyes, rinse with water and seek medical advice.


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