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Mesoprotech Melan 130+ Pigment Control 50ml



Mesoestetic mesoprotech melan 130+ pigment control offers a very high UV protection in an ultra-fluid texture. Containing pigments to avoid a white residue, it minimises imperfections and provides a natural and light tone. Suitable for all skin types with pigmentation concerns.

Key ingredients include a combination of physical and chemical UVA & UVB Filters (UVB 131 and UVA 67) that protect skin from UV-induced damage. Vitamin E neutralises free radicals and helps skin retain its natural moisture. Lecithin is an excellent emollient, emulsifier and penetration enhancer due to its amphiphilic ability – attracting both water and fatty substances.  Contains a fragrance. Water Resistant.

Mesoestetic mesoprotech melan 130+ pigment control is an innovative, very high factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen with a silky smooth fluid-cream texture.  It is a well-known fact the ultraviolet radiation causes photo-ageing and pigmentation. Recent clinical studies now show that exposure to visible light has a significant impact on those with darker skin types and who are already at risk of pigmentation. When exposed to visible light there are definite histological and pigmentary changes noted in the skin. It is therefore vitally important to use a very high factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen when at risk of pigmentation. This product is a dark caramel colour, offering a universal tint suitable for most skin phototypes.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.


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